A Forum Gallery artist since 2001, Andrea J. Smith was born in Australia and attended the Melbourne College of Advanced Education in Victoria, Australia from 1983 to 1986, and went on to Florence, Italy to receive a certificate of drawing and painting at the Florence Academy of Art.

While dividing her time between New York, Florence, and Australia, Smith continues to study and explore classical painting techniques as they intersect with contemporary subject matter. Both figurative and still-life, Smith’s paintings evoke the old masters in both technique and palette.

Smith is a founder of The Harlem Studio in New York City, a space in Manhattan where she can practice her own work while conducting classes based on Charles Bargue’s and Jean-Léon Gérôme’s Cours de Dessin, developed in the 1850s.

She has received numerous grants and scholarships, and has participated in exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada and the United States. Her work is featured in private collections from New York to California and Chicago to Texas.