Born in Widdin, Bulgaria, as Julius Pincas (1885–1930), he was raised in Bucharest, Rumania. He later adopted the name, Jules Pascin, under which all his paintings are known. He attended art schools in Vienna and Munich and traveled to Berlin and Paris. From 1905 to 1929, he worked as a satirical cartoonist for a Munich weekly. From 1914 to 1920, he lived in America and became a U.S. citizen to escape military service in France. He traveled extensively in the southern states and portrayed downtrodden segments of society. In 1920, he returned to Paris, and from there, traveled throughout Europe and North Africa. He changed his mediums from watercolor and drawing to oil. Suffering depression and alcoholism, he committed suicide on the eve of a prestigious solo show by slitting his wrists and hanging himself in his studio in Montmartre.

Peter Falk, “Who Was Who in American Art”