Stephanie Wilde, a self-taught artist whose career has spanned over three decades, is known for her elaborate and exquisitely detailed artwork, which at first glance seems to belong to a different era. It can bring to mind the delicate imagery of the intricate European textile designs of the 14th century, illuminated manuscripts, or Persian miniatures. As contemporary as her subjects are, Wilde’s aesthetic, ideals, and work ethic are descended from earlier artistic traditions, particularly ones which addressed social, spiritual, or philosophical issues. Wilde has the ability to portray biting social commentary while remaining true to a cultivated aestheticism. Her approach to each project is painstakingly methodical, starting with research of fact and lore supported by scientific, historical and literary sources, while relying on symbolism and historical context to inform a complex narrative. Wilde’s technique is also painstakingly exercised, her works incorporating ink, acrylic and gold leaf in a combination of both painting and drawing.