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Now We Meet Again

NOW WE MEET AGAIN: A Connected Creative Project from Steven Assael and Forum Gallery

At this moment, when all of us are distanced from each other, we are looking for ways to connect; to bring collectors with a passion for art together with the artists that make the art they love. 

We begin by offering a new opportunity for involvement in the creative process.  Here is how you can take part in the creation of a unique work of art that will be with you forever.

I am asking you to think about the people who mean the most to you, past or present.  Choose someone you would like to see and think about every day.  Do you have a photograph, or several, of that someone or is he or she with you now?  You can have the opportunity to introduce that person to Steven Assael, in real time, and talk with him about what (s)he means to you and why.  Once you’re on the same page, Steven can make an imaginative painting or drawing for you, a work that’s true to the subject and your feelings and that will be an enduring tribute to both.

Here's what we propose:  Let us know of your interest in this program, and we’ll speak to the Artist about it.  We will come back to you with a proposal, and once we have an agreement, we will connect you with Steven for a consultation.  The consultation will take place using a Portal, an advanced device that we will send you free of charge that provides a rich and vivid, dynamic video connection.  It’s like being in the same room.  You’ll speak with Steven and show him the photos or introduce him to the subject, discuss the project, and show him the place where you plan to put the painting.

After your consultation, Steven will go to work. He may want to speak with you again, or arrange a virtual sitting.  Over an agreed time frame, he will create a painting or drawing that speaks to your own involvement as well as the image and meaning of the subject.

Think about it.  Working on a project like this can be the best kind of diversion, and we can all use one at this moment.  Let’s make this time a special chance to experience a new, interactive relationship and express our love of art.

To respond, click here to send us an e-mail, and give us the best phone number to reach you and an idea of what time is best.  We'll reach out to you right away for all the details. 

My very best,
Bob Fishko

Steven Assael, Self-Portrait, 2012, oil on panel, 11 x 12 inches

Steven Assael, Self-Portrait, 2012, oil on panel, 11 x 12 inches


Steven Assael was born in New York, New York in 1957.  He attended Pratt Institute and presently teaches at The School of Visual Arts in New York.  Assael balances naturalism with a romanticism that permeates the figures and surroundings of his paintings and drawings.  The focus of his work is the human figure, either individually or in a group, rendered in glowing relief by gentle beams of warm and cool light.  Steven Assael’s classical talents are as rare as they are essential to the diverse art world of the 21st Century.

Steven Assael’s work was the subject of a one-person exhibition at the Naples (FL) Museum of Art from October, 2010 to January, 2011.  Assael’s paintings were also included in the exhibition “New Old Masters”, curated by Donald Kuspit, at the National Museum in Gdansk, Poland in 2006. A retrospective exhibition was held at the Frye Art Museum, Seattle (WA) in 1999.  Single-person exhibitions of works by Steven Assael have also been featured at the Cress Gallery of Art at the University of Tennessee, Lowe Gallery (Atlanta, GA) and Ann Nathan Gallery (Chicago, IL).  His work has been exhibited at The Arkansas Arts Center, The New York Academy of Art and The Arnot Art Museum (Elmira, NY), and is in the permanent collections of The Hunter Museum of Art (Chattanooga, TN), The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art & Design (Kansas City, MO), The Columbus Museum of Art (OH) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY).

Steven Assael is currently represented by Forum Gallery, New York, NY.

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