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"Cien Fuegos (100 Fires)" series

“A world apart, Cuba is a vibrant and visceral country on the edge of great change. The people who live here are survivors and dreamers in a land where nothing goes to waste and almost everything is celebrated. The harsh, dilapidated structures of Havana disperse into a lush and rolling country side dotted with tiny farms where horses and oxen still do the heavy work. Explore this evolving country through the eyes of an artist who revels in the honest and the true. This is Cuba, a story unfolding.

Begun in April 2018, this arresting series of work focuses on the current reality of life in Cuba. As an observer, I am keenly aware that I don't fully understand all the layers and complexity of Cuban life. But as an artist, I believe the expressions and the body language of the people in these paintings do tell that story. This is what my paintings are known for.”

- Rance Jones

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